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Monday, 17th August 2009

London Borough of Wandsworth ‘future proofs’ web strategy with Web Content Management

The London Borough of Wandsworth has launched a new web site to create greater customer engagement. Working in partnership with Jadu, a leading web content management provider, Wandsworth’s ‘standards driven’ web strategy, supported by Social Media technology, will ensure maximum customer benefit.

The London Borough of Wandsworth has the largest population in inner London. Its primary aim is to deliver high quality services at a competitive price. An efficient, accessible website is therefore key to delivering this aim.

Wandsworth was one of the first councils in the country to recognise the advantages of having a transactional website and the benefits that this could provide to its residents. The council's previous Microsoft CMS based web site was heavily utilised by customers. It did not, however, provide a platform for future development, as it was not standards compliant, lacked key features and placed limitations on the way information could be managed, categorised and made available to customers.

"We needed to change the site to make sure we meet some government standards but more importantly changing has made the site easier to use, faster and with many more features. This big change will allow us to continue to develop the site into the future to meet the demands of a online world that's always changing," says Simon Whitworth, Webmaster for London Borough of Wandsworth.

To provide a 'future proof' web platform for the future, Wandsworth's has worked with Jadu, using a suite of Jadu products to provide the key government standards: Local Government Navigation List (LGNL); Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary (IPSV); Local Government Services List (LGSL) and compliance to WAI AA accessibility standards. Implementation of these standards also ensures greater access to a broader range of information for customers.

Jadu worked with Wandsworth to design and develop the new site which also provides a range of Web 2.0 functionality and Social Media tools that provide integration to popular social media sites such as YouTube, Flickr and Twitter. Content migration involved over 3,500 pages, 3,500 downloads, 1,500 directory entries, 676 A-Z records and hundreds more FAQs, forms and events.

This is just the starting point for social media which will be extended in functionality over the next 12 months. Wandsworth is also intending to extend the transactional features of the site using Jadu in-built online forms system.

"The new site boasts a wealth of new functions and services and we think visitors will be extremely impressed with the new look and new functionality. The way people use the internet is changing and today people are excited about 'Web 2.0' functionality. Our new site will allow the council to plug in to these developments and be prepared to make use of the next ones to come along," says Executive member for corporate resources, Cllr Maurice Heaster.

"Wandsworth is an important, large London Borough and they have been a pleasure to work with," says Suraj Kika, CEO of Jadu. "The new website will provide a scalable and easy to use platform for the Council to modernise its web strategy, keep up with the rapidly changing Social web and prepare for the future where the web is underpinned by data. The new CMS platform will provide the tools for the Council to organise and publish as well as engage and be proactive about making its data online."

About London Borough of Wandsworth

The London Borough of Wandsworth's aim is to deliver high quality services at a competitive price. The council is a £500 million a year business operation. The borough is the biggest in inner London with a growing population in excess of 260,000 and has a workforce of 6,500 staff. Wandsworth is a full-service authority with major responsibilities in education, social services, housing and leisure. It tackles key urban issues of planning, traffic, crime and regeneration and works closely with its partners in the police and the local NHS.

The borough has successfully achieved 25 separate government Charter Mark awards for excellence - more than any other council in the country. The whole council is geared to maintaining its record for achievement and innovation.

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