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Thursday, 8th June 2017

Canterbury City Council switches to ‘real-time’ digital customer service platform and ‘lite’ CRM

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Canterbury City Council is implementing a new approach to delivering online services with a cloud-based ‘real-time’ case management system by UK-based software company Jadu.

We’re implementing immediately with ‘bins and recycling’ due to go live first followed by ‘events management’ which includes licensing and booking services” says Peter Davies, head of digital transformation at Canterbury City Council.

We chose the Jadu CXM digital customer service platform because it provides centralised work queues for all teams to access and manage queries with an update on the status of the case. Changes in the status trigger an email notification for the customer as well as partners and third-party providers, so they are continuously kept up to date and benefit from complete transparency.

With more than 160,000 residents, Canterbury has an objective of delivering more than 80% of transactions online within the first year, increasing to 85% by the end of the second full year of delivery.

The council has also engaged creative agency Spacecraft Digital to redesign using Jadu CMS and using Jadu Galaxies, a website creation system which allows quick-to-deploy ‘cloud’ delivery of CMS-driven websites.
Canterbury City Council has ambitious targets to increase the usage of online services with a focus on real-time conversation and service automation tools to make the experience as efficient and intuitive for residents as possible.  

Suraj Kika, CEO of Jadu says: “We’re helping Canterbury City Council provide residents direct access to their cases which is an area that traditional CRM providers, including major cloud solutions, fall short. "Canterbury City Council is determined to put its residents first and, in a climate of cuts and the need for making substantial savings, it’s embracing an innovative and forward-thinking approach.”
The council is investing circa £200,000 in Jadu Continuum CXM* and Jadu Continuum CMS**, which will enable residents to track progress of their interactions with the council 24/7, delivering an ‘Amazon-like’ personal account experience.


*Jadu Continuum CXM is a cloud-based solution for creating and managing customer conversations. CXM provides a seamless, intuitive and consistent experience for services teams and customers.

**Jadu Continuum CMS is an easy to use publishing tool that helps you create and publish meaningful content. 
About Jadu
Jadu is a global provider of Web Experience Management software, specialising in Web CMS, Forms, Portal and Customer Case Management tools for the enterprise. Jadu is well established in the public sector for offering digital solutions to local government and higher education as well as a score of commercial organisations around the world.