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Thursday, 10th October 2013

Higher Education digital services set to take center stage at EDUCAUSE 2013

Global web experience management vendor, Jadu, Inc. is set to announce enhancements to its suite of tools aimed at helping Higher Education institutions connect their back office student content and data systems with a single sign-on web experience, at Educause 2013 on October 15.

The Jadu Universe Platform provides tools to help deliver students and all constituents a personalized and accessible, ‘single view’ of content and data on any device - be that mobile, desktop or large screen. By leveraging data held in student data systems, CRM and document management systems, Jadu Universe can present content to users through their CAS or Active Directory single sign-on, making it possible for students to sign-in to a single web interface and experience their digital life.

The Jadu Universe Platform also provides online forms and data capture - enabling students to apply online, complete applications and make payments through a single digital service portal. Students can look up previous form submissions and keep their own records of all online submissions through the system.

We’re excited to be delivering tools that help implement rich digital services for our Higher Education customers, by connecting with the ‘golden’ data held in back office systems such as student administration and document management, institutions can deliver highly personalized content in a single web interface, on any device - and with strict accessibility enforced.

said Suraj Kika, CEO of Jadu.

Using the Jadu platform, institutions can provide students with highly personalized content, such as grades, course program details, documents and any other content specific to them by connecting to back office systems through Jadu’s in-built authentication services and sending content directly back to the user. Personalized content can also be delivered as mobile apps using the Jadu Mobile service.

Educause presents Higher Education technology on a global stage. We know that our customers and partners have a real opportunity to significantly enhance the student experience and deliver digital services that really help constituents focus less on paperwork and more on getting things done - in the time they choose and on any device.

concluded Mr Kika.

Jadu will announce these enhancements at EDUCAUSE 2013 and is actively engaging other vendor partners in the higher education market to work collaboratively in order to build connectors for the community that make integrating the back office constituent data more simple, useful and accessible.

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