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Wednesday, 2nd August 2006

Rossendale Borough Council implements Jadu Galaxies to deliver increased efficiencies for community organisations and enable e-democracy

Citizens of Rossendale can now reap the benefits of enhanced web-based services thanks to Jadu Galaxies - a new content management platform from Jadu.

Rossendale Borough Council is using Jadu Galaxies to integrate multiple community sites through one application. Phase one of the implementation has already delivered dramatic increases in website performance and demonstrated significant customer take-up of web-based services offered by the council.

Jadu Galaxies enables non-technical officers in the council to design and deploy enterprise content management systems themselves, with full workflow, audit trail and advanced web content management tools.

The initial success of Rossendale's content management project has created a rising demand from a wide range of community areas within the council for additional 'personalised' mini web portals or 'microsites'. Jadu Galaxies helps Rossendale Borough Council to reduce duplication of effort and development as 'non-technical' users can simply take ownership of content instead of having to develop bespoke websites.

"The technical integration capabilities of Jadu Galaxies has proved a major efficiency saving," comments Andrew Buckle, Head of ICT at Rossendale Borough Council. "We are going through a period of innovation and rapid development. Our ECM strategy and Jadu Galaxies means that we can deliver a single view of content effectively using one application and one website.

"We're deploying Galaxies for our councillors now, to enable standards compliant websites and blogs, and to provide better e-democracy services for our customers."

Suraj Kika, CEO at Jadu comments, "Rossendale is making significant leaps in standardising their content management platform and bringing synergy to their information management strategy. The result is a powerful delivery of what many of us are calling Web 2.0."

Rossendale Borough Council has so far implemented Jadu Galaxies in two service areas (Tourism and the Local Strategic Partnership), with a third area in the planning stages (Area Action Plan).

Jadu Galaxies is a revolutionary content management system (CMS) delivery platform that is unique in the global market in its abilities to cost effectively support multiple CMS driven websites within an organisation. Launched just two months ago, the system has already been adopted by Lancashire County Council and Hartlepool Borough Council.

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