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Thursday, 29th March 2018

Lichfield District Council receives national recognition using new digital customer service platform

Lichfield District Council has received four stars and been identified as an exemplar of good practice by SOCITM in its recent Better Connected review of UK councils’ online garden waste services.

Lichfield District Council

The council’s online waste services, which support a joint waste service across Lichfield District and Tamworth Borough, were launched in December 2017 and are delivered by Jadu Continuum CXM*, a cloud based solution for managing customer interactions, and supported by Bartec Collective.

The Better Connected reviewer commented:

I found information about the garden waste service easily from Google, the site search and navigation. The content is clear and I could order the garden waste service easily online. Other rubbish and recycling-related tasks were also easy including finding out my bin day.”

Cllr Andy Smith, Cabinet Member for Revenues, Benefits and Customer Services at Lichfield District Council explains:

 We had been using a legacy CRM for a number of years, which was not connected to the web or a customer account facility. We recognised we needed to move to a modern, self-service system, particularly to support garden waste sales.
We chose Jadu Continuum CXM as it gives our residents direct access to requests and acts as a digital concierge. Being transparent and making sure everyone is in the loop, will play a big part in helping ensure that digital services become the preferred method of interaction between our residents, businesses and the council”.

Jadu CXM allows citizens to track their service requests in real-time as automatic notifications inform users when their service status changes, ensuring everyone is kept fully up to date.

Suraj Kika, Jadu CEO says:

Lichfield District Council’s innovative approach to service redesign is delivering new processes that support end-to-end digital customer self-service. Digitising the waste service is just the first step in the council’s digital transformation and an absolutely fantastic achievement for a smaller local authority against a backdrop of huge budget challenges. What we are delivering is completely reusable and available to all our customers as a standard Integration through our Integrations Hub”.

Lichfield District Council is also supported by Jadu Continuum XFP**, a mobile friendly eForms solution that provides non-technical tools to build online forms and digitise business processes. Both Jadu Continuum CXM and Jadu Continuum XFP have been implemented across the council’s waste services and seamlessly integrated with Bartec waste collections software and waste truck, in-cab tracking. A roll-out plan across other services is currently being developed and will see forms ranging from reporting an abandoned vehicle, through to street cleansing requests.

Tim Hobbs, Director, Bartec, commented on the implementation of the waste project at Lichfield: 

 “Throughout the project, the teams at Lichfield, Jadu and Bartec have worked in complete collaboration. We’ve formed a very good working relationship with the team at Jadu, which we believe will not just benefit Lichfield but other customers across the country as well. We’re really pleased with the result and look forward to offering the solution to other customers”

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*Jadu Continuum CXM is a cloud-based solution for creating and managing customer conversations. CXM provides a seamless, intuitive and consistent experience for services teams and customers
** Jadu Continuum XFP is a powerful, secure and flexible eForms solution that provides non-technical tools to build online forms

About Jadu
Jadu is a global provider of Web Experience Management software, specialising in Web CMS, Forms, Portal and Customer Case Management tools for the enterprise. Jadu is well established in the public sector for offering digital solutions to local government and higher education as well as a score of commercial organisations around the world.

About Lichfield District Council
Lichfield District Council serves a population of around 100,000 residents. Lichfield itself is a small cathedral city located 20 miles just north of Birmingham. The council is committed to transforming its services to ensure they are easily accessible to all, in a way that people want to be served.

About Bartec
Bartec’s mission is to make waste more transparent. To save time and more importantly save costs.
Bartec revolutionised waste collections in 2006 with the first fully-integrated in-cab and back office system designed for municipal waste collections. It is a single point of planning and management for domestic and commercial waste collections.  Ten years on,  its Collective in-cab system is installed in over 2,500 refuse trucks in the UK and into 65 UK Local Authorities. It helps crews to work quickly, safely and effectively every day of the year.