Royal Borough of Kingston

The challenge local authorities currently face is how to reduce costs whilst maintaining the quality of services and improving customer access to those services. Kingston’s answer is a programme of work called Customer First.

The Royal Borough of Kingston website

The Royal Borough of Kingston website, designed to put the customer first -

Project start

The key objective of Customer First is to enable ‘channel shift’, essentially improve access to services across a range of channels and encouraging residents to self serve.

By creating a new website, the authority aimed to achieve at least 50 percent of transactions online in 2013.

And so Kingston embarked on an ambitious project to harness the latest technology to streamline processes, reduce overheads and modernise frontline services.

The public purse may be dwindling but customer expectation continues to rise. Customers do not discriminate, they expect the same standard of service from their local authority as they get from private services.

Jadu won the project due to its professionalism and high standard of its solutions and services.

Tony Welch, CRM and Programme Manager, Royal Borough of Kingston

Enabling self-service

Kingston selected Jadu as a partner to replace their unsupported and neglected website, which needed more than a light refresh.

Content needed to be clearer and accessible across multiple devices. Content was reduced from 4,000 pages down to 1,500 pages designed to encourage more online transactions.

The teams also worked together on a full redesign, lead by the principles the Jadu UX design team (Jadu Creative) employ such as responsive web design.

With the popularity of tablet and smartphone devices, it was crucial for the website to work on any device, so Jadu Creative designed the UX for mobile-first, using responsive web design and based on user data from Eye Tracking and paper prototyping.

Integrating technologies

Jadu provided the council with a Content Management System that has the tools and features such as automated expiry dates on content and its friendly search engine placing emphasis on Customer First.

A key to improving the rate of self-service transactions was robust integration of the various technologies involved including the council’s CRM system and GPS location technology.

Measurable results

Despite not widely publicising the new website, Kingston  has achieved its objective of 50 percent of all transactions being self-service through the website since it went live in August.

The percentage of online transactions has grown from around 17% last year to more than 50% this year for August and September.

Tony Welsh

CMS and CRM integration

Tony Welsh talks about the rich and integrated self-service portal delivered by Jadu and Kingston.

A graph showing the rise of web transactions at Kingston

Chanel Shift presentation

Tony Welch tells the story of the impact of the integration and the significant savings it has delivered.

Mike Hammond

Seven months after launch

Mike Hammond talks about how life for their users and customers has changed for the better.

Jadu Continuum

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