How we work

We help organisations grow. The Jadu Continuum Platform enables a digital connection between you and your customers through iterative, low code, easy-to-use solutions. 

About Jadu

Jadu is a leading global 'low code platform' provider for the enterprise, specialising in web CMS, online forms and customer case management.

Working through partners, we empower organisations to create a direct, digital connection to customers with Jadu Continuum, a web experience management platform that is trusted, powerful and altogether liberating.

Continuum CMS - Web Content Management.
Continuum XFP - Online forms and Payments.
Continuum CXM - Case Management & ‘Lite’ CRM.

We're an Agile company

We've baked agile into everything we do. We can deliver value fast then iterate and continually improve.

The catalyst for making things better is to see, touch and feel everything about the project; we're great believers in transparency. That means delivering working software from the start but also, true to the agile values, placing importance on collaboration and responding to change.

Every project is different: different teams, different software, different challenges and being agile means we meet the needs of the project head on rather than dictating a method that doesn't work.

The way of Jadu

We believe that everything we make should be beautiful, high quality and that people will use and love.

We are committed to our people, our culture and our values are reflected in everything we do. "Conduct honest business" is our first directive. It's policy at Jadu to be honest about our business relationships - our customers are our partners, which means transparency and trust.

Our Jadu family is passionate about everything we do, we love to delight and amaze each other as well as our customers.

Partnering with the best

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Partner logos
Become a partner

We run an Enterprise Delivery Partner Programme to share our technology. If you are interested in applying, please complete this simple form.

Jadu Creative - A Global Creative Agency

Jadu Creative is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jadu Group of companies and provides independent digital services and product deployment for customers all around the World. As an award winning, full service digital agency, its teams of product specialists, designers and developers provide web design, development, hosting and support services with a mission to deliver public value at scale.

Here's everything you need to know about Jadu Creative at

Careers at Jadu

At Jadu, we look for the best minds in the industry. People who love their work and inspire those around them to excellence. Think you have what it takes to join our family?

Quality at the core

Jadu's quality policy in software development and implementation is at the core of our business and of the highest priorities for all our employees in delivering the Jadu experience.

We have achieved the following accreditations:

Jadu Continuum Platform

Web Content Management

Keep your customers up to date, create and publish engaging web content securely and easily and on all devices.

eForms and Payments

Build secure and easy-to-use online forms, with flexible integrations and end-to-end transactions such as applications or payments.

Case Management

Your own digital concierge, providing a seamless experience and effective digital customer self-service.