3 elements of Digital Customer Experience

What is the role of AI in assisting the delivery of frictionless digital customer experience in the future?

At Jadu we're serious about AI & Machine learning, in the keynote from the Birmingham Jadu Academy CEO Suraj Kika, presents what organisations should do to prepare to be able to fully exploit the new technology.


Image Recognition using Machine Learning

Sentiment Analysis for Customer Service using Machine Learning

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There are three simple rules upon which you can base a strategy for digital customer experience. More than principles, these are the base elements that make the chemistry of creating a culture of customer:

  1. Know Customer Needs
  2. Offer Frictionless Self-service
  3. Meet users where they are

The introduction of AI to enhance the user journey starts with these elements. We've summarised the 3 Elements of Digital Customer service in this handy Whitepaper.


Case Management

Your own digital concierge, providing a seamless experience and effective digital customer self-service.

Web Content Management

Keep your customers up to date, create and publish engaging web content securely and easily and on all devices.

eForms and Payments

Build secure and easy-to-use online forms, with flexible integrations and end-to-end transactions such as applications or payments.