Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The shift in Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and chatbots is continuing to evolve and local government is already implementing the technology.

Introducing AI

There aren’t many websites you visit and experience that don’t have some kind of automated customer service that enables you to receive help quickly and efficiently. Local government shouldn’t be any different.

When thinking of starting your technology shift to AI, we recommend ingraining the following into your council’s culture:

  1. You’re not replacing people with robots

  2. You want to offer assistance through technology

  3. You want this technology to answer citizen queries quickly and accurately

  4. You want to lessen the burden for your staff

The benefits of using AI

  • Automation - Simple citizen queries can be answered quickly and accurately. This frees up staff resources to focus on more complex issues and provide personal and one-to-one support for citizens who need it most.

  • Enhance your citizen experience - Provides your citizens with a better and more responsive service in real-time at a time and place that suits them.

  • Reduce cost - Deliver advanced levels of service at the fraction of the cost. These savings can be then spent on other key operations and services.

  • Only train them once - Hiring and training staff takes time and money. Configure the technology and teach the behaviour only once, rather than train and retrain an entire workforce.

  • Data insights to drive informative decision making - Become more proactive by using AI-generated insights and predictions to inform your day-to-day operations, processes and services.

  • Personalisation - Offers your citizens an unrivalled personalised experience and user journey through using big data and machine learning.

How can we help you with AI?

“We get 300,000 calls a year. If we automate just 20% of those, we save £165k per year with very little effort and that’s before we even start to look at automating transactions.”

Kevin White, Services Manager, Northampton Borough Council

Integrating with Amazon Lex chatbot technology

We’ve chosen to integrate with Amazon Lex, the same technology that powers the Amazon Alexa assistant found in the Amazon Echo products. It offers Jadu Customer Experience Management (CXM) users the ability to enable AI chatbots into their customer service.

We are working with Northampton Borough Council to ensure we implement Amazon Lex with local government at the forefront of our minds.

“The current cost to service a voice call is on average £3.23. The cost to serve the same call via Amazon Lex is £0.48, saving £2.75 per call if we get Jadu CXM plugged into Amazon Web Services (AWS) Connect.”

Kevin White, Services Manager, Northampton Borough Council.

How will the chatbot work?

  • Leverages the latest AI technology from the Amazon Lex service

  • Engineered to understand Jadu CXM case types and learn from case data, such as pothole descriptions or flytipping

  • Provides your citizens with an automated and accurate channel of communication with your council.

  • Built as an integration in the Integrations Hub

Mike Smart, Research and Development Engineer at Jadu, introduces and demonstrates the Amazon Lex chatbot proof of concept at the Jadu Academy, London 2018.

Download the 3 Elements of Digital Customer Experience Whitepaper

There are 3 simple rules upon which you can base a strategy for digital customer experience:

  1. Know customer needs
  2. Offer frictionless self-service
  3. Meet users where they are

The introduction of AI to enhance the user journey starts with these elements. We've summarised the 3 Elements of Digital Customer service in this whitepaper.

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