Reviewing your cookie consent settings!

With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) top of the agenda in Europe, it's important to ensure Cookie Consent Banners are fully compliant.

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4 Accessibility Tips for Local Government

Clare Cryer, Web Officer at Harrogate Borough Council, shares her expertise.

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Benefits of becoming a Beta Tester

Beta testing is a great way of validating that what we are building is right for you, and is a big focus here at Jadu. We want to continue to work with you to create new, innovative features and feedback on the user experience, design and development proc

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National Coding Week - Top 5 Tips to get into Coding!

We’re proud of our amazing Engineers here at Jadu and we’re behind coding all the way. If it wasn’t for the coders in our team, our software wouldn’t exist and continue to improve. 

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Menu Manager Made Simple

Jadu navigation menus can now be tailored to specific user needs!

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#CouncilsCan Trends on Twitter

Something odd happened yesterday; lots and lots of people celebrated the good work of UK councils! 

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“We’re teaching A.I. about potholes... that’s not something I ever thought I’d hear myself say”

Jadu Research & Development Engineer Mike Smart tells us about the part Artificial Intelligence could play in solving the nation's pothole problem.

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FOI requests double for UK Councils

UK councils are handling nearly double the amount of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests compared to 2010 estimates, according to a report from mySociety.

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The Top 5 (FREE) Tools For Reviewing Your Website's Accessibility

Spacecraft UX Designer Jack Niland offers up 5 free (EASY-TO-USE) tools for accessing your website's performance this Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

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Audible Accessibility: My experience using a SCREEN READER (ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness Day)

Craig Hellinger, UX Designer at Spacecraft, blurs his screen, launches his screen reader and heads online to buy a Game of Thrones audiobook, documenting his experience for Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

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