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Jadu brings Twitter to local authorities, universities and businesses to enhance social media engagement

Published Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Jadu CMS Client for Twitter opens up the power of social networking from its web content management platform.

Jadu has become the first commercial Web Content Management provider to offer an integrated Twitter module within its CMS software to enhance brand management, customer service and knowledge management. Available as a free upgrade, the 'Jadu CMS Client for Twitter' is aimed at local authorities, universities and businesses using the Jadu CMS, helping them to engage with the social web and maintain standards for transparency and compliance.

Figures show that over 20% of UK local authorities* are already tweeting, while universities were amongst the first to leverage the 140 character micro-blogging platform for networking and communications. A recent survey by O2 estimated that 700,000 smaller businesses are currently using Twitter.

The module allows users to tweet from within the Jadu CMS, whilst also incorporating search, re-tweet and saved drafts, workflow and email capabilities. API calls are also cached and requests are monitored. Importantly, tweets can be stored to ensure accountability and enable councils, in particular, to respond to FOI requests and customer comments. Brand management potential is enhanced through an 'attitudes' filter to allow users to easily watch happy or unhappy tweets.

Twitter is currently growing at over 1,300%** in popularity, which is incredible - so we're excited to be able to offer organisations the ability to incorporate it within their social media and communications strategy.

Suraj Kika, Jadu CEO

"At that rate of growth, any organisation concerned about communications, customer service and brand reputation needs to take Twitter seriously. Embedding a Twitter client in the Jadu CMS also addresses some of the nervousness in government and higher education about adopting the social web as a means of communicating with customers."

"It's essential that businesses are reactive to the conversations generated on social networks. The Jadu Twitter client ensures high levels of transparency and control through publishing workflow, submitting tweets for publishing approval as you would any other content in the CMS - so you can quickly respond to customers on the Twitter network with a greater degree of confidence, before issues escalate beyond control."

Lichfield District Council is a Jadu CMS customer currently incorporating Twitter as part of its communications programme. 

Twitter is an ideal platform for sharing information with local people easily and quickly. It's also a great way to start local conversations and debates about hot topics. At Lichfield we are really passionate about using Twitter to tell local people about news ranging from new planning applications, to recycling. This winter Twitter proved invaluable in spreading the message about delayed bin collections as a result of the heavy snowfall.

Elizabeth Thatcher, Lichfield District Council Communications Manager

Stuart Harrison, Webmaster at Lichfield says: "I know many other local webmasters are unsure about how to make the best use of Twitter and I'm working hard to spread the word about how easy and effective it is. For Jadu users like us, this new development will make using Twitter even easier and even more effective, so it's great news."

"The development of the Jadu CMS Client for Twitter is another step towards bringing social networking and Enterprise 2.0 content management together. Rather than have a disparate collection of web communications tools, our approach is to bring these into one platform, which can be easily managed by non-technical users." says Suraj Kika. "This framework will be extended with other social networks in the coming months."

Jadu will be demonstrating the Jadu CMS Client for Twitter at Internet World on 28-30 April, at Earls Court, London (stand E6028).

For more product information about Jadu CMS Client for Twitter, please visit or tweet directly with Jadu at


Notes for Editors:
*Source: Liz Azyan - LGEO Research
** Source: Neilsen Online


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