Jadu Rupa Portal

Jadu Rupa Portal

Delivering an effective portal and search across your organization's online content and integrated systems is a significant challenge, but can present huge value for the customer experience through personalization, dashboarding and productivity.

Regardless whether your organization has a reliable content management system, the lack of a quality portal and or search with intuitive interface means that your content contributors, customers and employees can all experience difficulty finding information and resources as well as time and task management.

Jadu Rupa Portal helps solve these issues by integrating with Google hardware (for enterprise search) and portal functionality (for integrated information management) to offer connectivity to both your public facing content and back office systems. The result is a unique web based portal system that delivers the power of Google Search to your organization.

Jadu Rupa Portal can be deployed on your organization's public facing sites to improve the search experience for both existing customers and new visitors. The software can also be deployed on your organization's back office systems and content repositories to help improve efficiency for your employees, in the unlocking and discovery of files and documents and surfacing applications across your organization.

Additionally, the Google Search Appliance (GSA) can be integrated with LDAP and MS Active Directory systems. This means your organization can benefit from searching not just your online information, but also databases and files stored on network-shared directories with support for over 220 file formats. Access control can also be implemented to include relevant permissions and authorizations of your users.

Jadu is a Google Enterprise Professional Partner. The Google Search Appliance's open and flexible framework combined with Jadu's Google Enterprise Professional expertise means that Jadu is ideally positioned to develop content connectors for any number of proprietary systems.

Jadu Rupa's seamless integration with Google Search Appliance (GSA) hardware provides you with a fully implemented, fully supported enterprise search system that enables quality, personalized and flexible search across your organization, whether public facing, internally or both.

Your organization can index websites, intranets, database systems and directories to provide easy access to information from one place, while you can optionally choose between an independent design interface or, for example, integration with your intranet.

If necessary, Jadu Managed Hosting Services can co-locate your Google Search Appliance for you, meaning you can provide access to all your web servers' content, regardless of location.

Key features

  • Personalize user search experiences and deliver unique research tools.
  • Deliver results through an elegant user interface that is consistent with your organization's branding.
  • Integrate with LDAP/MS Active Directory systems to search network-shared drives, folders and file directories (over 220 file formats are supported).
  • Index and search internal systems such as product or customer databases.
  • Control the search and information gathering process and deliver personalized or secure results depending on your users' preferences or access control permissions.
  • Create 'keymatch' results to appear as Google.com 'sponsored links', but relevant to your organization's people, customers, products or services.
  • Optionally integrate with MS Outlook Exchange and MS Active Directory to create instant, real time reporting on searches and related activity.

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