Channel Shift Strategy

Delivering a 'Digital by Choice' strategy is becoming increasingly essential. Channel shift is a concept Jadu are very adept at understanding and provide the tools and knowledge to make it happen.

Digital by Choice

As consumers, most of us are used to self-service. Google, eBay, Facebook and Twitter all operate an entirely self-service business model.

Public sector organisations can significantly reduce the costs of service and improve the customer experience by actually reducing face to face and telephone interactions. Changing customer behavior to use digital channels can be achieved by investing in the right places and building the right strategy.

We are aiming to maximise the potential of our Customer Service Centre as a first contact point.

With an improved transactional web site, we anticipate that 35% of telephone and face to face contacts will switch to self service through the web over the 3 year period to 2013.

Nick Corrigan, Head of Customer Services, Southend on Sea Council

Invest to save

The Government has targets of around 40% savings for reforming public services and cutting waste, which would allow them to "deliver better for less".

The delivery of 'Better for Less' through a channel shift strategy is the key challenge for public sector management whilst also continuing to deliver what customers want. Investment in the online channel, integration, process re-design and business change is key.

With experience of working with over 100 Public Sector organisations and as the leading consultancy working within the public sector, Jadu have developed a 5 step plan that guides digital strategy and puts the customer at the centre of transformation.

Five steps to channel shift
Request the 5 steps whitepaper

Find out how others are implementing Channel Shift. The paper also provides detailed Return on Investment information.


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