Channel Shift Strategy in the Public Sector - Delivering a Digital by Default strategy

channel shift local government

We are aiming to maximise the potential of the Council's Customer Service Centre as a first contact point.   By implementing an improved transactional web site, we anticipate that 35 % of telephone and face to face contacts will switch to self service through the web over the 3 year period to 2013.  

Nick Corrigan, Head of Customer Services, Southend on Sea Council

Developing new ways of working - digital by default

In the online age, as customers, most of us are very used to  self-service. Google (with GMAIL and APPS), eBay, Facebook, Twitter, 37Signals (with Basecamp) - all these services operate an entirely self-service business model.

By building a channel shift strategy, public sector organisations can signifcantly reduce the costs of service and improve the customer experience by promoting an effective, well designed online channel and reduce Face to Face and telephone interactions. Changing customer behavior to default to digital channels (the web and mobile) can be achieved by investing in the right places and building the right strategy.

Invest to save

The Government is setting targets of around 40% savings for reforming public services and cutting waste, which would allow them to "deliver better for less".

There has always been a requirement to 'prove and deliver' a Return on Investment (ROI) from IT expenditure within the public sector. However, the current economic conditions and stated government intentions to introduce further cutbacks of public sector expenditure through 2013/14 and still further through 2014/15, means that this is now critical.

The delivery of 'Better for Less' through a channel shift strategy will be one of the key challenges for public sector management in the coming years whilst also continuing to deliver what customers want. This means an investment in the online channel and in integration, process re-design and business change.

channel shift in the public sector and local government

With experience of working with over 100 Public Sector organisations and as the leading consultancy working within the public sector, Jadu have developed a 5 step plan that guides digital strategy and puts the customer at the centre of transformation.

  1. Discover and prioritise

  2. Define a single digital strategy (for IT, Communications and Customer Service) with active, digital leaders

  3. Develop User Experience

  4. Review, research and redesign processes

  5. Measure and Iterate

You can request the Jadu 5 steps whitepaper, which provides detailed Return on Investment information.


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