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Internal content management

Publishing to the web is something that many enterprises now do very well. Using a Content Management System (CMS) to ensure that information is dynamic and kept up to date has become key to enabling growth and added value services. Managing internal information and communications often presents greater challenges that are familiar across many large organisations.

Locating documents, guidance notes, policies and administrative forms are regular issues within internal corporate structures. Internal communications about products, suppliers and projects are generally areas that can be improved through effective use of a CMS. Constantly evolving technology presents further challenges to how we manage content and information across internal systems.

While the world is shouting about Web 2.0 and social computing - internally, many organisations are struggling to communicate between departments and in some cases, within teams.

Simplicity is the one principle that underpins all the software we develop

That's why with Jadu's powerful and fully featured Intranet 2.0 CMS, content publishers and authors find using our systems amazingly easy.

With WYSIWYG editing, powerful authorisation workflow, control over CSS templates, taxonomy management, file management, multimedia and blog management - how could it get any better?

Using the proven and accessible Jadu Content Management System - we have developed Jadu Intranet 2.0 - a new advanced content management platform that enables simple, non-technical management of information and publishing.

Jadu ensure that the same consideration and use of standards that go into developing internet sites, are used to develop intranet sites. These modules include:

  • Publishing (CMS)
  • Marketing (personalisation engine)
  • Utilities including Category Builder (Management tools and taxonomy management)
Additional modules that enhance the intranet for internal use include:
  • Room booking facilities
  • Internal personnel, departments and job type directories

Managing content over the enterprise and enhancing your internal website

Jadu can implement a number of additional applications to your corporate intranet, such as discussion forums, sales boards, groupware and CRM systems to help enable your organisation to manage content more easily.

Publishing from one system to another is simple and easy as well as secure, with any Jadu system. Designed to scale across your enterprise, you can publish to public, private and satellite sites with a single click

Jadu are also able to implement and integrate Google Enterprise Search appliances, providing you with a complete content and document search capability.

Google search is scalable from 100,000 documents up to several million, depending on your organisation's requirements and budget, meaning there is no limit to the amount of documents, files, multimedia resources and data you can publish and manage.

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