Jadu Galaxies

Deploy your own web content management systems

Designing a website is hard enough, let alone building in accessibility compliance, handheld and text only versions, templates, graphics, branding and so on. The list is almost endless, and usually expensive.

With Jadu Galaxies - you can design and deploy multiple CMS driven websites
easily, in minutes and with no technical skills required - saving you tens of thousands in licenses, and months in implementation site design.

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Jadu Galaxies will revolutionise your web content management if you are:

  • An organisation needing to deploy multiple websites.
  • A consultancy with clients who are demanding more intelligent CMS driven sites.
  • A local authority wishing to deliver community or service unit CMS sites or secure collaborative information hubs.
  • A franchise business with a requirement to deploy multiple independent web front ends.

Jadu Galaxies - a revolution in content management

Design templates with point and click simplicity. Jadu Galaxies is a non-technical, fully implemented system with a simple user interface to enable you to be productive immediately. Start building standards compliant CMS driven websites in minutes with powerful out-of-the box features that empower you and your organisation to publish.

Train your users to publish using Jadu CMS in minutes and watch them work collaboratively to build and maintain a highly functional CMS powered website. Learn more.

Control your navigation

Jadu Galaxies is unique in that it allows you to easily create simple 'one-click'; navigation elements as well as advanced taxonomy creation and management.

Government websites, for example, must comply with the IPSV and eGMS standards. Galaxies allows you to build your own categories as well as import established and controlled lists or taxonomies. Learn more.

Devolve administration and create your own content team

Jadu Galaxies allows you to create and manage enterprise web content management systems with an effective publishing workflow system. Thanks to powerful user and access privileges management, you can define each administrator's role and publishing rights.

Empowering your colleagues to contribute to their site through a workflow enables you to maintain control and quality while providing your organisation with greater ownership and the ability to share knowledge and content with your customers. Learn more.

Simple collaboration and publishing

The proved Jadu CMS has been used in several hundred deployments to publish content by non-technical users. Jadu Galaxies delivers the same winning simplicity and sophisticated publishing tools - enabling fast and effective creation of pages, files and multimedia resources. 

Encourage collaboration, or develop the site and content within a small team - it's your choice. With Jadu Galaxies, there are no limits to the amount of rich content and documents you can publish. Learn more.

Index it all with Google Enterprise Search

OK - so you have a sophisticated Jadu Galaxies powered websphere - with many CMS driven websites operating efficiently all over your organisation. Next, add the awesome power of Google's Enterprise Search and you have a single search over your entire web infrastructure. Scalable to cope with an increasing volume of documents, files and content over your organisation, you can have a single, blistering fast search that indexes your whole organisation. Learn more.


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