Switching your CMS to Jadu

Switch on to Jadu CMS

Switching to a new content management system can prove to be a challenge. Migrating content, ensuring that the migrated information is accessible (i.e. valid XHTML), changing design, managing broken links from the old site to the new, maintaining your search engine rank are just some of a long list of issues to consider.

As Jadu is a managed implementation, we make sure that your transition goes as smoothly as possible.

Transform your organisation by taking advantage of all the web has to offer - with transactionality, simplicity and powerful centralised, non-technical content management.

Powerful online forms and data capture capabilities through Jadu XFP provides rapid transformation and efficiency for your organisation - removing paper form based processes and making the customer experience more rich, immediate and integrated.

Personalization is important for delivering a rich customer experience as is a powerful search engine that delivers results for your customers on-demand. Jadu Rupa provides a unique, personalization portal for customers to research your products, services and information and engage with your organization.

The Jadu Mobile Web platform provides powerful, non-technical management tools to control and deliver a rich mobile customer experience.

The module is powered by a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform called Weejot - a Jadu technology that provides a hosted, fully managed and maintained mobile platform for any website using the Jadu CMS.

The Jadu Universe Web Experience Platform features a groundbreaking mashup page designer, powerful personalization, online forms and a host of other flexible publishing features.

Why switch to Jadu Universe? Here are the top reasons

  • Full service, award winning digital agency and UX services
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Seamless multi-channel mobile and device app delivery
  • Migration tools to help automation
  • Fantastic Support with managed hosting and technical support services
  • Buy and share Widgets, Apps and Gadgets through Jadu MarketPlace
  • CRM integration ready
  • Multi-site and Mobile Web delivery
  • Accessibility and compliance through WC3 standards/Section 508
  • Government strength security
  • Simple licensing with upgrades for life
  • Retail store and payments and Management Modules

Previous Swichers

London Borough of Wandsworth - swtiched from Microsoft CMS
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors - switched from Microsoft CMS
SOCITM (Society of IT Managers) - swtiched from Microsoft CMS
Monmouthshire County Council - swtiched from Microsoft CMS
London Borough of Harrow - switched from APLAWS CMS
Hartlepool Council - switched from Alterian/Mediasurface CMS
London Borough of Enfield - switched from Stellent CMS
East Lothian Council - switched from Stellent CMS
Edinburgh Council - switched from Hyperwave CMS
New Forrest National Park Authority - Squiz Matrix CMS
Tyler Junior College - Luminis Content Management System
Dickinson College - Ektron CMS


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