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Online Support Centre

Submit and track support queries through our Support Centre and speak to friendly professionals.

A direct facility to report problems, issues and technical questions directly and immediately to the Jadu Support Team. We use a support/incident help desk system with dedicated support staff to provide efficient technical support.

We maintain development mirrors of all CMS sites on servers within our own network, providing a test bed for any fault diagnosis or bug fixing without interrupting normal operation of the live site.

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The benefits of our Support Centre

Support tickets

A personalised dashboard where customers can submit, track the status or comment on support queries in real time.

Online chat

You can now chat real time to our Support Team for fast answers and solutions.


Access to release notes and technical documentation such as user manuals for our full range of software.

For developers

Access to developer tools such as the Jadu API to develop apps, web services, widgets and much more.

Jadu updates

Important announcements about Jadu software (e.g. upgrades, new version releases) events and training.

Customer forum

A forum to post questions, messages and share best practice on how you Utilise the Jadu platform within your organisation.

Add colleagues

Facility to add colleagues to the support system for submission of support queries.

Jadu hosting provides an additional layer of specialist support for the Jadu application and environments with unparalleled service and resilience.

Jadu Support Plus

About the service

For extra peace of mind, backups are taken daily with incremental changes for the last seven days.

The standard service is delivered on a single server, while high demand services delivered across multi-server clusters can be arranged through Jadu.

The service provides a slice of Jadu’s managed back up server infrastructure consisting of five days per annum of metered restored service with a 99.9% up-time SLA.

Features of this system:

  • Detects where any suspicious injection (into any input field) is attempted, redirecting the user to a security warning page.
  • Records time, date and nature of attempt along with IP address in the security.jadu database.

Jadu intrusion detection security

For even more peace of mind our intrusion detection security service adds extra security.

SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) cross site scripting attacks are an increasing issue for any large organisation’s websites.

With evermore inventive methods of penetration being used to compromise high profile sites we have developed the security.jadu service for all Jadu users.

As part of the Support Plus service, we will provide:

  • A back up service to ensure that a complete copy of your Jadu platform is stored for retrieval at any time.
  • An external instance of your Jadu platform available during a disaster event.
  • The security.jadu service to help prevent intrusion or penetration of your sites.

The Jadu Support Plus service is designed to provide you with business continuity and security reporting information, and mitigate against the risk of a failure in the service of your Jadu CMS.

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Out of this world services

Spacecraft UX

Insightful design and responsible development by the Spacecraft team. Passionate and focused on results, driven by user experience and business needs.

Agile Framework

Through Agile, you can change your environment and culture to deliver amazing products on a regular, predictable basis. Apollo can show you how.

Managed Hosting

Jadu hosting provides specialist support for the Jadu application and environments with unparalleled service and resilience.

Training & Workshops

We provide a range of training and workshop activities to help you make the most from our solutions.