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Jadu CMS Clearwater

Jadu creates ‘Clearwater’ to support escalating demand for CMS with social computing capabilities

Published Sunday, 30 November 2008

UK Enterprise Web Content Management vendor Jadu, has announced the latest release of its flagship product, Jadu CMS 1.8.

The new release named 'Clearwater' (Jadu CMS 1.8), delivers a platform for managing content and data across multiple channels, delivering high user engagement through its new social computing capabilities.

"Jadu's mission is to organise information across the enterprise - that means any enterprise - and to make content universally accessible", says Suraj Kika, CEO of Jadu. "Clearwater creates a framework for doing just that by empowering organisations and the customers they serve, to manage and publish content and data in any way they choose."

Clearwater delivers a host of new functionality to enable non-technical users to take advantage of the latest web standards. Jadu Directories is a key component of the new CMS platform and provides a new framework for delivering database and directory information.  This can be populated from an external data import (e.g. spreadsheet), or by website users managing their own directory listings.

Another important development is the inclusion of the 'MyJadu API', standard in the new CMS. This provides a public development framework, much like Google or Facebook APIs, enabling web users to create their own applications, such as iPhone Apps, for any website powered by the Jadu CMS.

Amongst the plethora of new features, including readable URLs and flat file export, is Web Asset Management. This includes multimedia gallery creation, podcasting and encoding of video on the fly as standard.

"Jadu CMS is now a significant step closer to providing a semantic web framework, a vision that Jadu and its customers are passionate about delivering." says Suraj Kika.

About Jadu

Jadu helps businesses and public sector organisations to create and manage their online presence quickly, simply and cost effectively. Jadu was formed in 2001 to provide Content Management Systems (CMS) for government organisations. Since its first implementation for the DTI's Oil and Gas portal in 2002, Jadu has evolved further and been implemented for hundreds of private and public sector organisations across the UK.

Providing a refreshing approach to Enterprise Content Management, Jadu offers ground-breaking functionality including integrated Google searches, user intelligence and full statistical reporting, full eGIF and eGMS compliance, intelligent FAQs with a host of other web productivity tools and unparalleled support service.



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